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International finance big alligator is covered in succession should draft unders

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The message shows, the Chinese business that applies for bankrupt Lei Man to be his is searched " next homes " , exchange capital to save oneself. American international group (AIG) also plans to pass the means that sells asset to raise money battalion transport fund, among them right of administration of Chinese birthday danger already included bale the list that sell.

Additional, stand for war in foreign capital investment on market of estate of field ─ ─ , come out continuously recently the message that the plan such as bank of international of Lei Man, United States forest, Magenshidanli, United States sells property, involve amount about a hundred 100 million dollars. Had applied for to go bankrupt among them protective Lei Man, the equity of mansion of business of Shanghai blessing brine that announces to make over its to have. Just was bought by American government the AIG of major stock, also plan to sell its are in Shanghai the famousest one place capital " Shanghai store " .

As to the Magenshidanli that is close to the crisis, it is the brunt of reduction sale more. The first project that includes to invest in Shanghai on list of its reduction sale " heaven and earth of bright and beautiful Lin " hotel type apartment, sell quote 1.1 billion yuan, and park of century of Xia Dou of large building of new scope of operation, Mount Hua, luxuriant travel. In the meantime, the estate fund that still the report says Magenshidanli is subordinate already began to sell its value the Hong Kong of 5.5 billion HK dollar is landed, the annulus in including Lou Panhe of housing of unit of 5 hotels type is filled with buy edifice.

And beautiful banner bank plans to sell scene of river of Min Hang water transport Yuan Jizhong small family of two high levels apartment. Nanjing includes below beautiful Lin Ming the project that the road develops a project inside on the west also is passed planning pass on.

The market analyses a personage to think, foreign capital is many assets of estate of reduction sale Shanghai, because estate market appears,be on one hand turn, pocket is how. On the other hand although be an utterly inadequate method in dealing with a severe situation, this share capital is covered China also will surely not withdraw to turn immediately after showing a headquarters, but affirmative meeting " at any time on call " , become final " help money " .

In addition, QFII leaves an A evidence is even more clear also. Actually QFII wholesale retreat is in early 2007 9 come to began October, buffett decreases the petrifaction in holding substantially at that time, li Jiacheng is large-scale on Hong Kong market aviation of the south that decrease a storehouse.

Be in to foreign capital reduction sale China asset, yo of Mei Xin of deputy researcher of academy of Department of Commerce writes civil warning recently, emphasize must vigilance heats up money to cover the long-dated risk that shows evacuate.

The article says, "City of current China building already a fleeing army's suspicion of danger at the slightest sound, the stock market also appears to fluctuate considerably, RMB exchange rate approachs this one round to appreciate increasingly periodic acme. At the same time international borrows the crisis to continueing to deepen last, below the circumstance that decreases in income acute, if the to make up for headquarters loss big adduce such as enterprise of abroad orgnaization investor, foreign capital makes work,be in China asset, country of capital recall mother, RMB exchange rate will is down pressure heavily. International idle fund thinks to chinese mainland exchange rate and capital market gains cannot be improved and cover the pressure that brings now and hot money to appear large-scale circumfluence, the likelihood brings the influence that estimates hard to Chinese finance order. The likelihood brings the influence that estimates hard to Chinese finance order..
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