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Guangzhou golden week is secondhand room of the price in 5 big hotspots of build

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According to before experience, golden week around is " Jin Jiuyin 10 " skill building sells busy season, but experience what from last year the fourth quarter begins is large-scale adjust, reckon those owner perhaps develop the property that decides about the same or valence and price of the psychology that buy the home are uniform, ability forms bigger attraction to consumer, make their skill enter city. Experience building city callback of nearly one year, the purchasing power with market accumulative place passes in 11 vane hind, may release in succession, be expected to drive building city to be in 11, answered in December firm.

Valence room will be to clinch a deal in brunt

Rational price and rational consumption will be around of 11 golden weeks is thematic. The product of the urban district and suburb is abounded not only and the price is more substantial, for the citizen that is a purpose to living in order to buy a room oneself, should not miss this big the main chance.

This year 1~8 month, 5000~8000 yuan / of M2 in valence room is the market is handed in cast brunt, have those who exceed 40% above to clinch a deal portion. Many research organizations predict, after be being reached during the golden week, valence room is held as before in clinch a deal the position of brunt. High-end property also finds buyers and sellers gradually in acceptability " the price agrees with a dot " . In the center, be worth a gender in order to protect especially taller, adjust in building city period inside the price goes the grail with smoother situation the most welcome. In addition, long term investment objective also begins to pick up into city enthusiasm near future.

Property of old the city zone is market heat

Downtown form a complete set perfect, living atmosphere is mature, the traffic that the suburb cannot be replaced, area advantage, can develop land natural resources plus downtown original not much already, consequently downtown building dish market demand all the time very strong, the confidence that protect a value is very full also. Nevertheless, in recent years downtown building dish go situation also put in apparent difference.

Area of sea bead area, the Milky way clinchs a deal first half of the year the amount is large, dan Zhen swings acuteness; And more beautiful area, Li bay area of these old the city zone clinch a deal the quantity is to promote steadily. What old the city zone provides famous school degree is secondhand room all through the ages suffers the favour to the parent, the price resides perch firmly, but embrace wholesale increasing instead. If the room of famous school degree changes aricultural start off,room and belt of new river riverside learn frontal property, secondhand all valence is 10000~11000 yuan / M2.

Suburb dish price peep becomes loose

As Guangzhou secondhand building city is close to half an year low after confusing, go up a period of ten days of the middle of a month, the owner that partial periphery has skill bridal chamber to enter city begins to reduce set now. The Dong Pu of the eastpart part of the Milky way, member village, the yellow Shi Lu of white cloud area, vast beautiful region, the Na Zhou route of sea bead area goes present price case to become loose, trade begin to tend active. The expert thinks, the golden week may promote these suburbs further board piece the price becomes loose and clinch a deal.
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