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Jin Jiuyin 10 Guangzhou are new dish one open quotation cheapens instantly privi

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Market description:

With " often drop " neighbour people make " mat back "

"Drop newly " appear to often one is approve " often drop " neighbour people as " setting " .

To the south of the road austral dawn board piece for exemple, this board piece near future supply is larger, as a result of each buildings dish contend for photograph shipment, new the innovation of product value frequency that roll out is low. Yi Jinghua center rolls out a batch of new money in this year, among them special offer unit all valence is 9000 multivariate / square metre; Almost the corresponding period, shang Dongfeng scene pushs goods all valence also is in 9000 multivariate / square metre left and right sides; Price of fragrant grass high is 8500-9000 yuan / square metre, and the semifinished product unit price of the unit of 15 special offer that the Mid-autumn Festival rolls out is only 7000 multivariate / square metre. This still does not calculate lowest, the belt of heart Changjiang Delta that pushs goods newly recently is decorated all valence has 8400 yuan only / square metre, return belt thering is no lack of to decorate among them 7000 multivariate / the unit of square metre.

Expert proposal:

Computational floor price should consider time cost factor

"Drop newly " building dish often can compare be to one's profit, but " drop newly " building dish because just was rolled out, the time that hands in a building is relatively longer, need pays fixed time cost, in computational floor price when, want to also consider this part element to go in.

Additional, "Drop newly " building dish establishment of form a complete set also often was not like ideal, suit to need what enter as soon as possible to buy the home not quite, especially those belts pulling the home are mouth, right building dish establishment of in-house form a complete set is depended on more buy the home. Of course, if building dish itself dimensions is not too big, do not need cent period development, the building with circumjacent municipal relatively all ready also facilities dish except.

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