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Ready money of real estate of financial market business affairs is abundant tall

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Ready money of business affairs real estate is abundant

Hereon second add hold, the sea connects Zhang Luan of negotiable securities analyst to be in the survey summary of its banking market and analytic report had carried, "As to add hold stock arrangements, the company expresses to accuse a partner to may have this apiration, but the financing with sufficient unlikelihood, but financial market does not eliminate future to be in charge of high or related company adds the possibility that holds company stock " .

At the same time the report still expresses, "Scene is confident still before financial market firm is landed to business affairs " , the investment gain rate of real estate of domestic business affairs not only level of prep above international, also the investment gain rate of outclass country house; As negotiability of market of real estate of domestic business affairs rise, the investment gain rate that shows negative correlativity to it will drop stage by stage, but hire does not change to rise steadily trend, the price also may have more more driving than hire ground to rise.

Ding Wen of analyst of galactic negotiable securities expresses to the reporter, the main area of financial market is pretty good still, the company holds to business affairs real estate to give priority to the development strategy that guide, business affairs real estate suffers macroscopical adjusting control at present the influence is minor.

In how believing Tao Xueming of negotiable securities analyst to study a report in its, to finance the newspaper in the street undertook an analysis, 2008 first half of the year, rent and manage sexual property of the company, include financial market shopping centers, Li Saika Er pauses city of hotel, benefit Hilton the hotel add up to the about 200 thousand property of smooth rice, contribute 260 million yuan for the company in all, occupy first half of the year 22.7% of income.

Since this year, our country macroscopical adjusting control is bigger to the influence of real-estate industry, a lot of estate companies appear the common fault with cash nervous shedding, but the cash of financial market flows it may be said enough. The newspaper in 2008 shows, flow of cash of every management activity - 0.7963 yuan, every cash flow 2.6612 yuan. Although manage sexual cash to flow to be worth to lose, but every cash shedding is as high as 2.66 yuan. Because market of the beginning of the year still is not very pessimistic phase,this is, financial market makes crossing what succeed quite to add send, up to the report period end, the firm closes Zhang money beforehand two billion and fifteen million seven hundred thousand yuan, the net indebted rate of the company is 37.84% , hold cash 8.886 billion yuan.

"The company sheds abundant premise in cash, draft large-scale issue short-term financing certificate and debenture, borrow the market low fan when the intention that undertakes buying is relatively apparent, do not eliminate company near future to undertake large-scale bought possibility. " Zhang Luan points out in studying a report.
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