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Frequency of Guangzhou residence plot flows pat a government sector to say to no

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After the auction ends, city land room is in charge of Huang Wenbo of bureau deputy director general to express, although have,flow pat a phenomenon, guangzhou also is met " finish the lowermost sell one's own things this year to plan " .

Stream pat the residence to be as high as 520 thousand ㎡ with the ground

Since this year, land sell one's own things " cold current " triangle of bead of sweep anything away. In January - August, 16 of Shenzhen sell one's own things live to live to use the ground integratedly with business, 8 shed mark, rate drifting mark is amounted to 50% . At the beginning of September, 3 business stay in Dongguan sell one's own things with the ground, the result is patted twice because of unmanned contest is bought and flowing.

Guangzhou is same cannot escape by sheer luck. This year in Feburary, residential plot 07NJY-3 of Na Sha flows pat, this is Guangzhou there is the residence to be patted with ground shedding first since 2006. On June 30, li bay area on the west the commercial banking industry of 塱 village also appeared to flow pat. So, before this second land is auctioned, the market anticipates may appear large-scale stream pat a phenomenon.

As expected, till on September 18, flower two residences do not have development business to participate in contest price with the ground, be obliged to call in finally. The residential plot of highway of industry of sea bead region, only industrial limited company lifted 3 Guangdong grand beneficial card, clinch a deal with 55 million yuan price finally, price of amount to floor is 3654 yuan / square metre. The hotel industry of college town uses the ground, be filled to invest group limited company to be gotten with contest of 50.72 million yuan of price by Guangdong China, price of amount to floor 2082 yuan / square metre.

According to statistic, guangzhou sheds the residence that pat to use the ground this year floor area achieved about 520 thousand square metre. The residence uses the ground do not be very popular, anticipate with the market not hopeful closely related. Chief expresses related the limited company of development of 100 million estate of Guangzhou that participates in contest price, do not lift the reason that the card is not lot size, however because the market is at present bad, take the ground or want a bit more discreet. Limited company concerned chief says Guangzhou pistil appearance, the price that they calculate residence of this plot future also is in 7000-7500 yuan / square metre left and right sides, the price that clinchs a deal finally exceeded their budget.

Stream pat push ground plan without hindering government

Suffer market pessimism to affect, partial land sheds the city that pat to appear to be pushed less again and again do not push ground phenomenon even, can be Guangzhou denied also appear such state? Won't! Huang Wenbo expresses, the residence of 2.5-4 square kilometer uses Guangzhou city this year plan of ground sell one's own things, won't suffer the influence of the market, guangzhou is affirmative this year " the sell one's own things of the lowest that finish plans " .
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