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"The end of October so that details of the purchase of apartments not subject to purchase specific business, we specialize in market research, found that the fire did not imagine." United World Chinese Commercial real estate market research director Xiao Xiaoping said. However, there are more than just the industry that the market has not yet demonstrated, if we can clear what kinds of commercial apartments are not subject to purchase, then "become sought-after." Business apartment to see more, buy less "There are customers asking specifically ran this product." Laguna Beach Business Apartment relevant responsible person said, although at a late stage, there is no marketing activities and the like, but also because of the recent "commercial apartment is not subject to purchase" a clear and more 10 adds some come in early in mid-volume customers. Hong Long Century Plaza apartments have not yet opened for business for sale, the marketing person in charge also reflects the "Ask a lot of people are most concerned about is not the price, but still can not buy more than half of which is investment-oriented buyers." However, to see more trading volume did not increase. "United World Chinese Commercial Ministry of the ground floor reflects the recent attention to business buyers do have an apartment property increased, compared with September, about a 5% increase. These buyers are basically investors, they are mostly due to restriction orders of the population can not be home again. But there are also some investors after some understanding, to dispel the idea of apartment investment business. "UWCCB report this summary. Recently released by the Central Plains real estate office in October sales of first-hand statistics report, apartment turnover accounted for 9.54%, compared to the previous month also decreased by 3.93%, such as Oriental Plaza Square, Australia and New Asia Building, Harbin House and other business in the sale of apartment projects and the monthly volume and average price are basically the same as the previous month. Significant differences between the future trend "The reason why some investors give up the idea after some understanding of, first, because according to commercial real estate business apartments the minimum 5 percent down payment, interest rate 1.1 times the maximum loan period is only 10 years, so that the higher threshold; the second is concerned as commercial residential use 'borderline' products, commercial hot speculation after apartment once, may also be a clear concept of the purchase of the policy high risk. "Xiao Xiaoping said. In addition, she believed there were a short period of property rights, limitations and disadvantages of higher management fees. World Union Properties, principal analyst, market research director Wang Haibin also pointed out that because the current economic environment, SMEs development pressure, so the mainstream of its business customer base rental apartments are also limited investment prospects, will not become a new investment. However, at present available for sale on the Shenzhen market, a small amount of commercial apartments, the vacancy rate low, generally higher rate of return on such investment status, which is also optimistic about the industry over the value of their investment. Apartment Investment and investment business office, residential, compared Advantages 1. Smaller units: business apartments are generally small size of 60 square meters of a 30-room, two rooms more products ,80-90 square meters of the three bedrooms has a minority, so the total price low, medium and small investors can start. 2. May be living in business: business apartments are built on commercial office space, and available for office, hotel and other commercial uses, while the size and design and size for residential, and most refined decoration sale, buyers can own homes, also be rented to businesses or households. 3. Supporting superior: business apartments are generally a mix of office products, construction, mostly in the heart of the city or region, as close to office buildings, shopping malls and a more stable rental customer base. 4. At present the rate of return higher: according to several insiders, currently held within the business return on investment apartment generally above 4%, higher than residential. 5. The current market supply less: the city apartment project in the sale of only a handful of business, and many are part of the rent reserved for personal use or as a whole, the real market sales of less. Under such circumstances, the industry reflects the business apartment vacancy rate lower than the office. Shortcomings 1. And residential property compared to 70 years, apartment or business property in the apartments are usually 40-50 years, the age is only about two-thirds of residential, very few pay the premium due or other reason can reach 70 years If the total number of years on the use of equal shares to the apartment on the use of cost will be significantly higher. How to deal with the follow-up property, is also no clear view. 2. And the house usually denominated in dollars compared to the property management fees, business apartments offer a variety of business services as, and some properties of water and electricity costs will be included pool, the formation of the current business apartment the high property management fees situation, some management fees as high as 16 yuan / square meter / month, a 100 square meters of property, the monthly property management fee will only 1,600 yuan. 3. Business apartment because the higher price, total price is also high, even if the rent will be higher than the average house, but the overall rate of return on the rent may not win. For the first set of home buyers, the choice of apartment property for business must also be 5 percent down payment and mortgage for only 10 years, the monthly pressure. 4. Compared with the office, and some business when it sold apartments in some residential mixed function, occupation brought up a number of small companies, both domestic and office, and some were simply used to live, a number of business professionals atmosphere will be slightly worse . Compared with the pure hotel, hotel management companies also need to identify the professional and apartments with high vacancy rates of return are difficult to raise. 5. Usually the design of commercial apartments in the units will be more inclined to office, generally do not design the balcony, and residential area reduction compared to not only presented, but also slightly worse than some of livability.
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