Yi Xianrong: Catenary of estate market fund never has ruptured

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"The problem of estate is land system has a problem, there is all collective mixing now national system of ownership. Rural land is collective and all, did not put in true property right 's charge to farmer body, the farmer did not enter city and the capital that increase investment spending. If land system reforms the collective land property right of a country to return,arrive on farmer body, form effective property right to trade the market, let development of rural land market rise, so our city changes a process to be able to develop more quickly " Yi Xianrong of researcher of place of finance of courtyard of Chinese company division is in 18 days afternoon " wall street predicament and Chinese economy " go up with dispatch net seminar say. Be aimed at problem of catenary of estate market fund, yi Xianrong expresses " the capital catenary of estate market never has ruptured " , he thinks, atrophy of the closest housing market sale is estate only development business tries to maintain the price exalted will expect the government saves city. Yi Xianrong thinks, if market product can be in domestic estate to have the price on the base point that pays ability to buy with great majority person, can make sure Chinese estate market lasts not only prosperity and development, also be the foundation that reduces estate market risk. Occupy statistical data to show, countrywide estate development invests the forehead that finish to be one thousand three hundred and nineteen billion five hundred million yuan first half of the year this year, grow 33.5%(2005 ~ to was the same as score to fasten growth to be 2007 compared to the same period 19.8% , 21.8% , 30.2%) , among them, ministry of Chinese and Western grows 45.3% respectively compared to the same period, 39.1% . Residential development investment finishs the forehead for 949.7 billion, grow 36.6% compared to the same period. The capital that enters estate one thousand nine hundred and seventeen billion three hundred million, grow 22.8% compared to the same period, although under grew extent 2007, but and compared last year, capital is flowed into much 3500 much.

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