Gu Yunchang: Building city glides the trend should give the 2nd flatlet badly "

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Building city chill gradually thick, the state of mind that the policy that save city appeals inside course of study is more and more pressing also. Vice-chairman of seminar of Chinese residence estate, housing and Gu Yunchang of vice director of committee of experts of policy of housing of ministry of urban and rural construction held in Shanghai on September 19 " situation of countrywide estate market and company the way to deal with a situation " express on forum, building city glides now trend " very serious " , "Should be essential urgent when adopting act " . Gu Yunchang suggests on forum, relevant section should " reconsider 2 flatlet policy " . Building city investment adds fast meeting slower   Gu Yunchang expresses, go up from the surface in light of, countrywide building city appears after the Olympic Games begins more apparent glide, but this is exterior phenomenon merely, the be issued to lower levels of countrywide building city, the hand as a result of materiality is on certain level (namely macroscopical adjusting control) had begun to develop action with invisible hand. Not just adjusting control v comes to today's market situation, cycle of whole still economy arrived necessarily this one pace. Gu Yunchang expresses, at present world macroeconomic gives now slippery evidence, include the United States, European Union, the economy of the main economy system such as China, Japan gives now to slip. When although cannot say cycle of Chinese macroscopical economy also is entered at present,going downward, but estate cycle had arrived to go downward when. Gu Yunchang says, although Shanghai also appeared 2005 the adjustment of a paragraph of period, but building city restores rapid development very quickly. But, this national adjustment is the impetus that more saw economic be issued to lower levels however. At present the exit first half of the year adds China fast glide apparently, at the same time fixed assets investment of home is added fast apparent rein in, estate is added fast appeared to rise to have 18.9% only compared to the same period August, and growth of investment of the estate before this is in all the time 30% the left and right sides. Forecast at present, september add fast may a bit slower. Clinch a deal or be not worth Gu Yunchang of the 10 million   that make the same score rice to say, the trend that building city glides now is very serious, arrived to should adopt urgent act when, "Even if fine tuning it may not be a bad idea, cannot blind and hopeful " . If real-estate industry glides, appear very likely the phenomenon that investment of next year estate did not grow, make its disappear to the contribution of countrywide GDP thereby. Had appeared because of foreign trade problem, estate be issued to lower levels makes GDP growth is less than possibly 9% . Below this kind of circumstance, obtain employment problem can arise concussion. The problem of real-estate industry is not the problem of estate company only, matter to the people's livelihood however. Gu Yunchang expresses, in at present this kind of circumstance falls, "The policy of two flatlet should consider " . He says, to 2 flatlet policy, it is OK to should restore normal only, give the policy of the 2nd flatlet not intentionally. The reason depends on what 2 flatlet policy may give people anticipating the influence with be brought certain with whole market. Reside Ding Zuyu of academy assistant dean easily to analyse, market of the Shanghai after June appears to glide apparently, clinch a deal measure annulus comparing to reduce 20% above, glide compared to the same period 60% above, below this kind of trend, whole clinchs a deal this year measure probable short of 10 million smooth rice. Since 2001, shanghai residence clinchs a deal the quantity is in on average 18 million to 20 million square metre, if drop annual 10 million square metre, can think great transition has appeared.

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