Shen Ming is tall: Pure fall interest rate cannot save real estate

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Chinese estate signs up for: The Central Bank lowers interest 4 years for the first time beyond market expect, you judge this is it is because of saving city, queasy to wall street finance still answer plan? Shen Ming is tall: The decision of the Central Bank and Lei Man's brother announce to will be referred go bankrupt application has particular concern. But tell from governmental angle, distinguish very hard among this because of,move truly after all part. We also cannot from actually judgement Central Bank is specific be aimed at building city or the stock market and the adopted behavior that save city. But OK and affirmative is, this interest rate and deposit reserve are led double falling is rolled out below the case that does not have early-warning in the market, this mirrorred the concern that decision-making layer glides to economy. At present macroeconomic situation, stock market is mixed building city, the expression of 3 markets is be issued to lower levels. Chinese estate signs up for: If say this is a signal that monetary policy turns to, what kind of influence will produce to building city and stock market? Shen Ming is tall: Monetary policy change reflected the intent that structural sex adjusts, but the change of policy is short-term inside won't cause too big impact to the market. Will tell to land agent, lower interest can reduce financial cost appropriately, but at present landed crisis is absent this, and depended on fund liquidity giving a problem, pressure is sold in what measure atrophy at trading and bring. Trade the capital pressure that the addition of time cost brings just is the most significant crisis. Interest rate is in this phase is only among them a very small element, right the person that buy a room because reduce bit of interest rate,also won't change " hold money wait-and-see " psychology. Loose monetary policy is benefit to the stock market good, but want changeover market to will need longer time to the anticipation of company profit. Chinese estate signs up for: After lowering interest this, stamp duty policy also made adjust. The Magendatong before this lets person couplet very easily remember a month that secret report of president Gong Fang Xiong, among them fact really already come true one part. Are you right report of Magendatong that save city how look upon? Shen Ming is tall: I did not hear a person of the same trade to comment on that report at present, also judge the true bogus of the report without method. But come round to look from eye, monetary policy is in those who do level of a few essence to adjust really, reflect central decision-making layer to be adjusted through structural sex apparently will reflect its " have retain pressure " intent, what after also eliminating accordingly, a series of measure come on stage is likely. Chinese estate signs up for: To monetary policy, this whether adumbrative move is added news channel ends thoroughly and greet decrease news channel? Shen Ming is tall: The economic situation this year is too much and complex, monetary policy trend will rely on a lot of exterior elements henceforth. Latter Lei Man's brother applies for to go bankrupt the message that protects He Meilin negotiable securities to be bought by American bank likely, the misgive of ministry economy coast outside deepening a government to be opposite. If world economy is next exasperate, home still lacks consumption to grow motivation apparently, also do not eliminate monetary policy to have turn to a likelihood, but the possibility that loosens monetary policy substantially is not large. Because still do not have the condition that loosens in the round, unless external economy is sudden exasperate, accordingly, cannot conclude at this point will greet decrease breath cycle. Actually, current monetary policy " form close fact is loose " , although become loose somewhat, also not likely is right all participator " loose " , of prospective monetary policy adjust may be structural sex to mix have specific aim.

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