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A sector of an area of aggravate of competition of office building market and ch

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To before 2011, shanghai builds the first class office building that has 3 million square metre in succession and throw on the market. The near future, intermediate measures couplet to all right data shows, the office building market of Shanghai will greet more intense competition, at the appointed time, first class office building will become the key that affects its value to hiring the guest's appeal.

How to make office building prices " long fill do not decline " ? What is the heat of first class office building hires recipe? The personage inside course of study expresses, the element such as a sector of an area, character, service, fixed position is the key of client of tarry high end.

A sector of an area and character decide value

Position of a sector of an area and integral character are the chief factor that decides office building rents demand and hire price. The first class office building of Shanghai more than 70 % is in Nanjing centrally on the west the area of business affairs of 6 large centers such as mouth of home of road, land. Compare with circumjacent area photograph, the hire level of these business affairs areas and rental rate are apparent taller. Those who need ambitious attune is, the element that a sector of an area includes is very complex, include each element such as condition of commercial atmosphere, industry. With Beijing east a few office building of the road are exemple, advantage of their a sector of an area is clear, but periphery has adverse element to restrict, like vintage lanes and alleys more, road is general shop of trader of metals of street of narrower, edge is spread all over, affected business affairs value. As Beijing road whole fixed position is adjusted, these restrict an element to be able to be eliminated gradually.

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