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This week is in pop chart of hire of spic office building rank of outstanding ac

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Unit of pop chart of hire of Guangzhou office building: Yuan / ㎡

Hire of foreword name month price administration fee

1 add up to scene · international 250 hire 30

Center of 2 rich power hires 29 180 times

City of the Milky way of sea of 3 another name for Guangdong Province hires 29 180 times

4 in letter square 165 28000 29

5 days praise edifice 160 28000 29

6 Jin Lilai edifices hire 29 140 times

7 in Thailand border 140 22000 29

140 28000 28 of the square in 8 boast

9 mayors edifice hires 30 135 times

10 letters add up to an edifice 130 hire 28

This week clinchs a deal in carry out office building outstanding achievement rank

A cycle of songs in a traditional opera of foreword name area (set) area (㎡)

1 ferry bank 17 1993 of jump over the Milky way

2 rich force are filled with 5 737 of peaceful the Milky way

3 timeses YOU jumps over beautiful 5 297

Indifferent comment on: This week hire pop chart and comparative last week change are not big, hire rises somewhat, small area unit is the brunt that clinchs a deal on the market in. Skill sale clinchs a deal relatively Dan Jing, in all 27, clinch a deal area in all 3027 square metre, occupy only last week 6 into the left and right sides. Edifice of ferry bank jump over, rich Li Yingtai continues to become sale heat. Clinch a deal atrophy and business of share of division of the Milky way lived August open quotation of amphibious apartment low has certain influence.
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