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Building city already crossed landed and off-season investment to need to notice

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As clinch a deal the atrophy of the quantity, the emerge in large numbers of interest empty news, of building city going sadly fall, "Landed winter " the topic that becomes most and landed person and investor to discuss. City of stock market building is put in the risk likewise, to make investor active ground compasses takes shelter from the wind danger, obtain better yield, landed and professional personage reminds should notice the following 5 item:

One, consider the situation, hold an opportunity

The expert thinks, the development existence of building city is periodic, judge the cycle of building city correctly, with respect to the accurate business chance that can find building city correctly to invest. In equal opportunity, have with intervening relative to inferior value appreciate the house property of latent capacity.

2, inspect a sector of an area, understand adequately

Before fulfilling investment, it is very important that to seat of target house property Duan Jin makes an on-the-spot investigation all right, inspect content to include 3 respects: The first, the program that understands target house property to be in future of a sector of an area; The 2nd, understand target house property appreciate latent capacity; The 3rd, the type that understanding hires a guest and demand, master hire wave to move a circumstance, business accounting year return rate.

3, ensure accrual, avoid empty buy

The expert expresses, office building investor all serves as with hire redound gain profit method, have the sharp state of mind of extended hold property consequently, safeguard accrual avoids empty buy risk most crucial, but its suffer influence of market big environment more easily, if bubble of financial crisis, residence blows up, the stock market fluctuates considerably etc. These phenomena bring about office building easily considerably empty buy, hire glides, secondhand sell dish of increase sharply, can cause even hire only do not make work the changeover of the situation. According to the data statistic of indifferent real estate, future has the first class office building of more than 1.98 million square metre 3 years to put in the market, may produce the state of supply exceeds demand at the appointed time, the risk that consequently first class office building is faced with is the biggest.
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