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Geomantic optional location holds casino 3 principles

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The casino layout of 1. ideal

The geomantic optional location of casino, basically depend on can choosing to solicit large quantities of clients, bring the good environment of thriving business. Its position wants to be able to admit all directions to get angry, ahead wants to widen, do not have content of what keep out, for instance enclosure, telegraph pole, billboard and lofty tree are waited a moment.

Should notice the building of left ahead to answer the building of west the front of summary prep above, in order to accord with " Zun Qinglong, right Bai Hu " layout, if right is,jockey of course threshing ground or afforest meadow is much better.

Qing Long's energy: The element of Qing Long's energy and the east and wood is relevant couplet, qing Long's gas is located in the left of the building, a hill, big house, or the Qinglongzhi since the landed metropolis with the one large part of your home left is angry, this offerred support and protection for your home.

Bai Hu's energy: Bai Hu's gas is in the right side of the building. The spirit of dragon resembling blueness is same, bai Hu's gas can show the configuration in the building and landforms to go up (although compare Qinglongzhi energy of life is a few less) , but it is more changeful and active. Mix west gas delegate of Bai Hu golden element.

The energy of rosefinch: The gas of rosefinch can see in front of of the building. Its energy that moves up and south the elemental photograph connection of the fire that represents with it.

Xuan Wu's energy: Xuan Wu's gas is in a building, also be a tree probably, a hill or a proportion are good the energy at the back of the wall. Xuan Wu props up the thing of structure and its habitant on behalf of the past and those. Xuan Wu is indicative in the force with water.

Case of form of 2. casino exterior and optional location

Alleged " form case " understandable for figure and style. Observe whether the natural scene of casino exterior modelling and located area is coordinated, the simplest way is the angle observation that morning and evening never is the same as its outward appearance is good. Be in especially when having alpenglow, have a look mirror the exterior in rays of morning or evening sunshine moving, whether to have poetic lasting appeal, whether to become a beautiful picture scroll with natural scene be in harmony, if can achieve such effect, so exterior modelling and area scene achieved optimal and harmonious condition. Astute businessmen can use the benefit of heaven and earth, in order to achieve prosperous purpose. Some casino let a person feel divine Qing Dynasty enrages bright, be like Mu Chunfeng, and some criterion feels to what have depressive and depressing feel restless. Investigate its reason, "Form case " the effect is very main.

After spatial surroundings make choice of, see it namely next " form case " , the interior design that just is it next again waits an element a moment. All directions is capacious, the pattern that bright, layout coordinates the light is excellent anthology. Besides the attention " form case wants Founder, harmonious " outside big principle, the place that writes down the following kinds of types sincerely even should want to avoid avoid: Corridor cuts the space two half. Such pattern is gone against communicate harmonious, bring about dispute easily, make have a feeling distracted; "Answer a glyph " " well glyph " the space gives a person have no way out, by tired feeling; Door model north and south and thing all have vertex damage twice or sunken into be in unfavorable choice.
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