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Open meal inn 5 paces music manages fixed position is Chongzhongzhi is weighed

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The place of somebody, have all corners of the country; The place of somebody, have dietary demand. Do wine shop business, cultured satisfies consumptive desire of the person namely, and this, its manage fixed position is Chongzhongzhi is weighed, the optional location that it decides the move is follow-up, decorate, manufacture, SaleWait for the choice of each flow. Can say: Its pull one hair and move the whole body, so how should operator go fixed position, optional location, affirmatory a cotton suiting that taste a road? The operator that looks to had opened inn of Western-style food hall, snack successfully already please an illuminate of Mr He.

The first pace: Fixed position

Some earlier year of He Sheng that hall of Western-style food of much home of Ceng Zaimei country crosses from course of study think: The place of somebody can have dietary demand, doing not have what kind of a sector of an area is absolutely good, absolutely bad, the key is to should look have a person to come. And this, fixed position is the key of optional location, he thinks: Not avaricious do the world all dish, be clear that what you want, what does your client want, him pocket has how many money, where does core competition ability come from? This is the premise of fixed position, if do not understand what oneself want, and blind " follow suit " , its nature a stratagem which ensures success is not had much.

The 2nd pace: Optional location

If decided oneself want to manage banquet of live dish, business affairs, snack, Western-style food to wait for an among them course hind, go up in optional location at this moment, of course of activity of discharge of the stability that besides the consideration business encircles and maturity, person, car discharge, stream of people outside calculating the item that waits to want to notice normally, path of Introduction He Sheng: What its are aimed at fixed position is different, a few specific details, also want mature.

If do " live dish " , its optional location should consider the advantage that walk; Do snack, need to consider what this a sector of an area can bring to you to turn over stage frequency; And business affairs fete is exquisite face, if itself has face very much,be like chosen a sector of an area, then you succeeded half.

Sum up the optional location circumstance that in last few years he opens dining-room in the city, he Sheng has a few results. His experience is: It is a center with inn location, if there is the consumptive population of 200 thousand above inside 3~5 kilometer radius, that investment had those who make money to assure. In addition, debut along with the subway now, stand by the subway to export at the same time stream of people of a sector of an area also can be compared much, like sports on the west, wait before the park, these are flourishing ground. And if do the business of office building, had better be inn location choosing is between office division and station, because he discovers: It is no matter coming home still is recreation, "Escape " the white-collar of office division goes the bus stands or subway station should walk along a paragraph of road, but everybody does not like to turn back again, even if be much,walk along 9 paces.
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