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World the 7.5 buildings of luxuriant Nanjing that fold carry out " fall to die a

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Nanjing building city explodes a news, new city Jing shows the world Mao Binjiang that company of the house property below luxuriant group division develops the world the biggest sales promotion of case of 7.5 convert into money. When the reporter seeks advice with client identity yesterday, this building dish the clerk says, "Prices bureau and estate bureau had intervened today, do not let depreciate again. Do not let depreciate again..

Occupy data of the estate on the net to show, new city of world Maobin river 2006 costly face city, house price is circumjacent new dish one times, a few buildings with new market opening dish the price keeps balance, meet with public opinion in an uproar. Somebody is fine even after calculating, say, if the view according to 5 billion yuan of total investment, world luxuriant profit 10.75 billion yuan, profit rate estimation is as high as this Lou Panli 215% .

Yesterday, this building dish sell what the young lady introduced a 29 buildings to the reporter to show a room, 70 much square metre, total prices is controlled in 900 thousand yuan. The value is inferior is 150 square metre, in first floor, monovalent 9000 yuan / square metre, semifinished product room. According to saying, unit price is cheaper than before 3000 yuan / square metre left and right sides, it is the special offer room during activity of privilege of the half moon on September. To this, in ancient Yi of chief inspector of research of office of typical index of room index Nanjing expresses to media, this can say to go up is " Nanjing building dish depreciate of unprecedented greatly " .

The reporter examines minutely whether to more privilege, sale young lady expresses, "Depreciate again be about to die dish " , say prices branch already depreciated to theirs undertook interpose. She says, this batch of favourable houses do not cross many 10, cannot saying is to depreciate, however special offer.
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