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Of Beijing house price mad go up, let investor it seems that people forgot to still have office building this one market. Rise till the Central Bank head pay, just let office building -- this more the room product that has investment attribute -- begin humanness to pay close attention to.

Buy of as long-term as those sky, sit enjoy price to rise the residential investment that brings redound is different, office building is having more substantial investment " main area " -- hire redound. Especially a lot of first class office building, although comparative with circumjacent high-grade house price, hire level stands high above the masses.

More important is, at present the office building market of Beijing is in a phase that is underestimated badly. Be in ZhongGuanCun, be in inferior abstruse, the price of a lot of office building unexpectedly not as good as circumjacent residence project, this kind strange " hang " phenomenon, just protruding shows the flat of value. As the strict control that national policy invests to the residence, as Beijing city economy flourish with each passing day, current office building, it is one is worth to induct really " primitive " .

   When " room " east, be inferior to doing " building " advocate

Wang Mingyi is a little depressed recently. Plan investment originally inferior the apartment of a when abstruse business encircles 110 much square metre, but, the Central Bank was promulgated on September 27 " loan buys the 2nd housing head to pay scale to be not gotten under 40% " the regulation makes his hope undone. Although rose merely 10% , but of Wang Mingyi head pay have to many 130 thousand yuan, this forces him to must give up the thought of investment.
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