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First-rate buys room opportunity when to come teach price of house of your look

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Circulated recently at the hot post between the network " main controller is in group of 10 thousand families Dongguan " Song Shanhu conference " the speech that go up " the best footnote that is current house city. "Want to dare to depreciate, be brave in to depreciate, sell the goods in stock of at hand and the new money that rolling out in development with the rapiddest rate. " although, 10 thousand divisions refute a rumor publicly already, but the public no matter, still be in to this take delight in talking about.

Of imply of satirize thering is no lack of is, in the gold season of this estate, all along arrogant the house property business with towering gas however will the gold armature with flowery come out. Shenzhen the Fair of autumn house property this year on September the bottom comes the center can be exhibited to hold in Shenzhen at the beginning of October. Join the business of major house property of the meeting to express, depreciate inevitable. Develop Shang Zaichun to hand in the expression on the meeting by call inside course of study " the holiday falls " , and the personage inside course of study guesses, be in this autumn hand in the hopeful on the meeting to lift can to say " streaking " depreciate battle.

When does house price see a bottom? How does price of look upon house go situation? When does first-rate buy room opportunity to come? The author gives out as follows 3 judgement.

It is house price drops will develop to depth. Should judge house price to go situation, must want to see the investment attribute of house property. In cycle of this round of economy, the investment attribute of house property by excessive deduce, the house is tasted as the capital that arranges cycle highly, already had undoubtedly in rising house price in recent years quite bubble composition, and when economic cycle be issued to lower levels, these bubble are sure undone.
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