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Project place:

North of change of change north area Ou Xinna road house of 160 Long Hujing a surname
Property property:
Pure office building
Property level:
First class
What belong to trade group:
New memorial archway
Develop business:
Real estate of Chongqing dragon lake develops limited company
Property company:
Company of property of lake of Chongqing new dragon
Total floor area:
Building time:
Decorate a circumstance:
Clear water room
The 16th in all 18
Sell an area:
88 ㎡
Sell the price:
8800 yuan / ㎡
Terms of payment:
The face is discussed
Content is in charge of charge:
0 yuan / ㎡ / month
Car explain:
Traffic situation:
A sector of an area of core of community of lake of dragon of boreal city new memorial archway, annulus of north of high speed of adjacent Chongqing outer shroud enters the mouth, 5 minutes can amount to bibcock temple railway station eastwards, xiang Na touchs business of center of market of boreal city weather to encircle,

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