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Chongqing world trade centre

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Project place:

Zou of the area in change allows a road 131
Property property:
Pure office building
Property level:
First class
What belong to trade group:
Emancipatory tablet
Develop business:
Chongqing Xin grand amounts to estate to develop limited company
Property company:
Davis of the first peace and tranquility
Total floor area:
Building time:
Decorate a circumstance:
Delicate decorate
The 28th in all 57
Rental area:
110 ㎡
Rental price:
18.18 yuan / ㎡ / month 1999.99 yuan / month
Terms of payment:
The face is discussed
Content is in charge of charge:
10.5 yuan / ㎡ / month
Car explain:
800 yuan of 1 car
Traffic situation:
Negative one, 2 buildings set light course to export.402 road, 462 (luxurious bus) , wait 413 times

Indoor form a complete set:

Uc18office Business Center offers everything what what need for you, set only share the office, fictitious office, assembly room, spot administration and technology are chaired. The traffic inside accommodation, office, city is one-stop service.

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