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Change did not come an edifice high

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Project place:

Area of 9 dragon slope garden of division of high new developed area of area of 9 dragon slope all the way (new and high area is in charge of appoint by the meeting)
Property property:
Pure office building
Property level:
First class
What belong to trade group:
Shi Qiao is spread
Develop business:
Industry of Chongqing change high-tech (group) Inc.
Property company:
Total floor area:
Building time:
Decorate a circumstance:
Clear water room
The 20th in all 26
Rental area:
206 ㎡
Rental price:
40 yuan / ㎡ / month 8240 yuan / month
Terms of payment:
The face is discussed
Content is in charge of charge:
4.5 yuan / ㎡ / month
Car explain:
Traffic situation:
Each bus such as 404 364 815 716 702 118

Indoor form a complete set:

Elevator: 10 brands elevator (among them 2 panorama lift) , 5 capacious stair well security personnel: Security personnel system mixes intelligence to accuse energy-saving system air conditioning oneself: Fire control of intelligent changes in temperature central air conditioning: Fire control gush drenchs call the police, photograph like monitoring communication: Intelligence corresponds, broadband network decorates: Clear water room is long-term hire privilege.

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