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Chongqing world trade centre

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Project place:

Zou of the area in change allows a road 131
Property property:
Pure office building
Property level:
First class
What belong to trade group:
Emancipatory tablet
Develop business:
Chongqing Xin grand amounts to estate to develop limited company
Property company:
Davis of the first peace and tranquility
Total floor area:
Building time:
Decorate a circumstance:
Delicate decorate
The 28th in all 0
Rental area:
2.75 ㎡
Rental price:
714.28 yuan / ㎡ / month 1964.27 yuan / month
Terms of payment:
The face is discussed
Content is in charge of charge:
10.5 yuan / ㎡ / month
Car explain:
800 yuan of 1 car
Traffic situation:
Negative one, 2 buildings set light course to export.402 road, 462 (luxurious bus) , wait 413 times

Indoor form a complete set:

Desk, freezer, coffee machine, microwave oven, water machine, sofa

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