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Chongqing is highest building " tower of exceeding lofty or great " suspense of

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Mysterious capital player Yu Jinyong, very few somebody understands his theory, want 44 billion yuan to hold dish of total investment nowadaysProject, whole story appears dangerous and dangerous.

Chongqing fishing mouth, because of wedge water of 3 the Yangtse River, annulus, be regarded as geomantic treasure ground by local. After a few months, 10 thousand mus of Sang Tian here will turn 1000 feet into high-rise. And the host of ” of tower of this “ exceeding lofty or great, it is little knownLandedYu Jinyong of ” of “ new show.

   According toArea of big crossing of Yu Jinyong and Chongqing signs the investment agreement below, 385 meters Gemini tower tower is built in fishing mouth, the development that enjoys 9600 mus of land counterpoises, always invest near 44 billion yuan. In the digital backside of “ appalling ” , a what kind of big play be? Is Yu Jinyong He Fang divine?

Hill city story

According to the agreement, before May 1, 2009, area of Chongqing fishing mouth will begin construction build “ international area of central recreational business affairs (CRBD) ” . ChinaFor generations invests in advance of president Yu Jinyong to throw 10 billion yuanAsLand is arranged wait for the charge that start, will throw 34 billion yuan to undertake 2 class are developed in succession after that, build include inland the first high-rise, exceed hotel of 7 stars class, business to live area inside a lot of project.

In this project, yu Jinyong is kill the Cheng that go out to bite gold on the way. Before him, the key that bureau of local action trade considers is the famous land agent such as city of overseas Chinese of city of the Song Dynasty of such as Zhejiang, Shenzhen. Local government public figure discloses, classics of all previous of project of Chongqing fishing mouth plans 6 years, change again, edition of inland of the ” of city of “ movie and TV that intent includes to cover an area of 3000 mus, “ garden ” waits Disinile a moment. But Song Cheng and overseas Chinese city will go again, the demand ” that Chongqing of inextricability from beginning to end “ faces internationalization increasingly and later period are specific operation problem.
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