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Kempinski Quest! Into the first 5TOP office in Chongqing

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Chongqing's first 5TOP Offices - State Health Center (Forum News) the world's most famous work, one of the top hotel brands Kempinski Hotel grand opening today! Representative of a new international spirit of the concept and the most professional services marketing, the national exchange center of the demonstration area by the market debut of great concern.

Since the October 14 official opening demonstration area, just a few days it has received dozens of group intention to conduct site visits investors and customers. State Health Center, according to the person in charge of marketing, from the State Health Center project and the unique configuration for the project Kempinski hotel debut in Chongqing since the consultation to the project site not only high-end circle of Chongqing people, there are many travel to Chongqing, the owner of the field-level characters, there are some areas of telephone consultation with Hong Kong, Macao. All in all spheres of the elite blueprint for the future development of Chongqing and the State of the City Health Centre play an important role in the development process expressed great confidence.

State Department efforts to create new international business center, living building complex, in Kempinski created the first international living area as the core, brought together to attract the eye of many investors, the core elements: the first is the pillar of office space, could have a small, on-demand portfolio. Second, office lobbies and public spaces decorated according to five-star hotel standards, simplify procedures and time check, the overall reduction of decoration troubles. Third, beyond the 500 office hardware standards, be no substitute for real gold. Fourth, to enjoy the supreme international class hotel "concierge" service, is to be the spirit of Chongqing, a pre-business logo essentials. State Health Center to fully integrate the service content of the Kempinski, adhering to the Kempinski Hotel is committed to provide 113 years of royal dignitaries, celebrities life experience the most high-end services, Chongqing will establish a new international five-star hotel standards.

As a new international concepts, advanced facilities, Kempinski represents first-class service, luxurious national exchange center of the configuration will be the investors to invest in Chongqing over the first choice of office space. Kempinski State Department through the center, but also to the investment property market investors with a new revelation.

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