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High street store operating costs a transition office in Fuzhou tea shop

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Fuzhou office into a tea shop is a new distribution trend. Yesterday, reporter learned from the industry, restaurants are transferred to the office tea shop, and Fuzhou high street store operating costs are not unrelated. Lin Dong in 2002 in Fuzhou in tea, the West camp, wuliting, Lao Ganju down the street, he opened shop. Last month, he again moved into the tea shop Waring Road, Fuzhou, an office building. Lin Dong calculations to reporters: the street before the Lao Ganju, a rent to 5,300 yuan a month, and now in the office, square-meter store, 60 monthly rent as long as property charges 2,500 yuan, "costs were significantly lower down. " Lin Dong is located in the office, has opened more than 20 tea shops. Not only that, the nearby Waring constellation, sun 365, Sanming Building, Three Mountain House and others have entered the tea shop. Lin Dong told reporters transition office can also make an inventory of their cash flow. In recent years, speed up transformation of old cities of Fuzhou, shops along the street from time to time encounter demolition, and if transferred to a new store in tea shops along the street, the light fitting to pay transfer fees and store fees have more than ten million. Shop in the office, to the landlord can rent a small apartment outside opening. And the traditional hot tea sales lots, stores transfer fee is increasing. Other formats with different profit model rather special tea shops, tea shop owners to do regular customers such as small and medium business, moved into the office on business, picking little effect. Fuzhou Tea Association of the responsible person that the tea shops along the street to the Xiezi Lou Zhuanyi will is the norm.
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