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Office Marketing: Analysis of the Beijing office market customer base

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Of the Beijing office market, we must first understand the distribution of the office market. Projects focused on the distribution of offices in all regions showed different characteristics, directly reflects the different district of the geographic advantage, thus determining each district's industrial characteristics, customer base characteristics and the positioning of the office market in Beijing. 1. Five shopping center The distribution office in Beijing from the geographical point of view, mainly concentrated in the downtown area within the Fourth Ring, Cushman & Wakefield office in the city center will gather this area is divided into five main business district, the Central Business District (CBD) Commercial circle, Landmark district, the East Second Ring Road shopping district, Financial Street business district and Zhongguancun district. This focus on five major shopping district in Beijing most of the top-level, Class A office project. Central Business District (CBD) district: Central Business District, the most famous shopping district in Beijing's international business center, high value commercial property the lot is the Beijing office market one of the most important core business district. Cushman & Wakefield research data shows that, as of the end of 2006, the district office level within the total stock of about 250 million square meters, which accounts for the total stock of Grade A office stock of 36%. Calculated by using the average effective area of the net rent per square meter top office $ 41.39 per month, Grade A and Grade B office space were $ 31.59 per square meter per month and $ 20.87. In general, the overall level slightly higher than the other district. Natural Evolution of years to make the district office of the customer mix is more stable, the basic form the core of the company headquarters to foreign financial and insurance institutions, telecommunications, consulting services for supporting the industrial ecological chain. CBD district currently assigned to the Fortune 500 companies more than 120 other district can hold a candle. Office tenants to the internationally renowned foreign companies mainly involving the type of industry including the provision of professional services firms, consulting firms, and foreign banks, insurance companies, energy companies and so on. For example: legal services, such as Freshfields firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey, Chevron Texaco, Exxon Mobil, the Netherlands Bank, Ford, Toyota, Motorola, HP, Shell and so on. China Central Television, Beijing Television's dongqian, will make the media industry to become the next CBD district office market constitutes an important part of the tenants. Central business district business district, with the continuous optimization of the development environment, a wealth of foreign resources, the increasingly strong business atmosphere and to improve the infrastructure, as many world-renowned multinational office location of choice, it is also the Chinese capital Beijing and the international mass Urban integration of a window. Landmark Circle: Close to the second and third embassy district Landmark district enjoy the most convenient airport transportation, with many high-end foreign hotels and the rich business services and facilities, while foreign residential areas to the main and only less than half an hour by car, is many foreign-funded enterprises, particularly in the automotive manufacturing industry, airlines and other office address of choice. Many international and domestic airlines, car manufacturers and some foreign embassies, the organization became the main office of the regional customer base. For example, Air China, Boeing, BMW, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, Hyundai, General Motors, Fiat, German Chamber of Commerce, the Japanese Immigration Department. Beijing's growing market demand for office space, and other district endless supply of office space compared to a large number of new Landmark office supply shopping district has been relatively limited. Cushman & Wakefield the latest research data show that the district average effective net rental of Grade A offices over CBD district, ranks first in the market to reach $ 32.34 per square meter per month. The Class B office space is relatively low at about $ 17.13 per square meter per month. East Second Ring Road shopping district: East Second Ring Road shopping district on the office market in Beijing brought together many of the early office items, such as the International Club, Henderson Centre, COFCO Plaza. Many foreign business office location at the time as a hot item. Today, the extension of the airport expressway, the construction of Dongzhimen transportation hub, and the establishment of the Zhongguancun Science Park, Yonghe, greatly enhance the attractiveness of the East Second Ring Road shopping district. Cushman & Wakefield the latest data shows that Grade A office space in the region and effective net lease $ 24.82 per square meter per month. East Second Ring Road shopping district is an important foreign companies in Beijing gathering, such as HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Coca Cola, Philips, Bi Yihui system, ThyssenKrupp, Pfizer, and so on. It is worth mentioning that, Ernst & Young, KPMG, Deloitte, the four major accounting firms in the three gathered in this, the foreign accumulation effect can be seen. In the recent past, the East Second Ring Road shopping district to attract more well-known domestic institutions, particularly the oil giant, telecommunications companies, banks and insurance companies eye, such as China Life Insurance Group, PetroChina, CNOOC, Sinopec, Bank of China Beijing branches. Financial Street business district: Financial Street business district has been the large state-owned enterprises, domestic well-known banking institutions, government regulators and major gathering place for organization. Cushman & Wakefield the latest research data show that the area of the district by the use of Grade A office effective net rent of about $ 29.95 per square meter per month. Within the district has been occupied most of the main office building project. Banking companies, financial institutions, IT, telecommunications companies, some large state-owned enterprises and government agencies gathered in the headquarters here, as entire purchase or bulk purchase office space in the main force, making the Financial Street district office supply many of the formal before being put on the market to purchase in the form of digestion, while the long-held and external rental office project is very limited. From the nature point of view, Financial Street business district office space within the customer-owned enterprises constitute a major organization or agency based, such as the Bank of China, ICBC, China Netcom, Ping An Insurance, Taikang Life Insurance, and as the country's financial sector regulatory functions of the "three-line Council ", that is, the People's Bank of China, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, CBRC, CSRC. With foreign investment after China's accession to the WTO and gradually opening up the financial industry, and the subsequent introduction of the Western District of preferential policies for attracting the financial industry, since last year, gradually attracted more and more foreign financial institutions to enter, such as Goldman Sachs , JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Royal Bank of Canada. Zhongguancun district: Zhongguancun district based on its unique culture and education and high-tech human resources, and other areas, has long been the domestic IT companies and multinational R & D headquarters of first choice. Cushman & Wakefield the latest research data shows that the average Grade A office space in the district effective net rent (based on floor area) of approximately $ 22.83 per square meter per month. The rent levels in the five central business district is relatively low. Office customers are mainly IT and network-related high-tech enterprises, R & D centers, such as NEC, Founder, Google, AMD, Intel, Microsoft Research, Samsung Research Center. In addition, close to the Zhongguancun district, with its many institutions of higher education and the unique business environment, also brought together many high-tech SMEs in the field, incubators and other growth companies. 2. Five marginalized district With the regional economic development in Beijing, "with the two axis, two multi-center" policy, steadily, and urban and peri-urban infrastructure continue to improve, high-tech transformation of the park or the construction of development zones and related preferential policies to attract, some companies The office area is gradually extended to the suburbs, showing the office market, "marginalization" of development. Cushman & Wakefield will be gradually formed, or rather that the edge of the office project brings together the prototype is divided into five "marginalized district", that is on the ground / Software Park Circle, Olympic Circle, Wangjing / Jiuxianqiao district, Economic and Technological Development Zone (BDA) district, and headquarters base (ABP) district. On the ground / Software Park, Haidian district belongs to the Zhongguancun Science Park, Zhongguancun Science Park can enjoy the relevant preferential policies. The large number of offices within the district, many of the main personal use, but most of the Grade B office buildings, a large number of IT related to the growth of high-tech corporate office locations to choose. Some office buildings are mostly good quality as the headquarters of large enterprises or R & D centers, such as IBM, Oracle, Reuters, Lenovo and other famous enterprises R & D center will be located in the district. Beijing Olympic Games business district began in the nineties after the Japanese and Korean companies was an important office is in Beijing. But quite some time the development of the region's office market is relatively slow, limited stock of office space, office project has been put on the market is relatively small, there is no scale, and the lack of high quality Grade A office project. Check the customers are mainly state-owned enterprises, domestic enterprises or private, the private sector based. To attract foreign or multinational presence is concerned, compared with the other district, do not have the characteristics of the edge. With the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games approaching, infrastructure improvement and the rapid development of Olympic-related industries, the district is about to usher in its second spring. Wangjing / Jiuxianqiao district of Zhongguancun Science Park, Electronic City is Science and Technology Park, the office market investment potential, many multinational corporations have long rent levels optimistic about the region's competitive advantage in setting up the headquarters base, such as ABB, Nestle, Siemens and so on. Then, for cost savings and future development planning of the overall consideration, a number of large multinational corporations have headquarters from downtown hot spots, moved to Wangjing / Jiuxianqiao, such as Motorola, Agilent, Nortel, respectively, independent garden built type low-density office park, the Beijing office market office location of a unique landscape. Similar to this situation, there are economic and technological development zones (BDA) district, and headquarters base (ABP) district. Economic and Technological Development Zone business district is Yizhuang Science Park of Zhongguancun Science Park, located in southeast Beijing, is a light manufacturing base and logistics center, the main customers are 3M, Bayer, CNC, Coca-Cola, Nokia. District headquarters base located in the southwest of Beijing, Zhongguancun Science Park, Fengtai Park belongs. ABP to low-level single-family multi-office project-based, to create a relatively independent of the park style office environment to attract the customers are mainly medium and small enterprises of all types of the headquarters of the main ways to purchase and own.
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