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Pan Shiyi selling unreserved auctions layer of the East China Sea 57 Square o

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Pre-sale price by calculating the East China Sea Place, a total of about 90 million yuan Sales of the East China Sea near the end of the SOHO Square, and finally trotted out the "generous": the lease of the whole floor with a floor, with no reserve auction market. Located in the office of the 57 layers, total construction area of 1205.52 square meters. If the East China Sea in accordance with pre-square calculated the average selling price, its market price has 90.414 million yuan. Information, the target is SOHO Donghai Plaza high-floor area houses the last layer can be sold, the current tenant is a business management company, rent for 12 yuan / square meter / day. Is expected to begin Dec. 29 auction, no reserve will be taken starting manner. Although the final auction price is unknown, but if according to 75,000 yuan / square meter to do pre-sale price estimates, the rent level that the payoff rate of about nearly 6%. Pan Shiyi into the Shanghai market as the first-ever "pawn" in the CBD "Golden Triangle" area in which the Nanjing West Road, SOHO Square East China Sea has taken a casual sales strategy. The move to a lot of people in the industry point of view, which looks fairly puzzled. However, with the Shanxi coal bosses, Wenzhou and other real estate speculators funded thousand persons as "backing", as at September 25, SOHO Square, the East China Sea to achieve sales of 25.7 billion yuan. The SOHO China to the latest data show that, as of now, the project occupancy rate of 95%, 85% of sales completed, the overall average price of 7.5 million, the cumulative total sales of 3.65 billion yuan. DTZ Debenham Tie Leung Yang, Director, Office of the Department of East China, said in Shanghai in December this year, the level of Grade A office rents reached 7.14 yuan / sq m / day, compared to the beginning of 6.2 yuan / square meter / day up 15% of the rate . "Domestic macroeconomic stability makes it began leasing needs of businesses are active." Yeung said. According to data provided by DTZ Debenham Tie Leung, as of early December, the city's Shanghai office in 2010 sales volume of about 130 million square meters. "From the purchase of customer demands, increasing proportion of personal use, and customers in the region mainly in Zhejiang and Jiangsu."
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