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Chongqing world trade centre is moving double eye

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Chongqing liberates tablet building of high-quality goods of area of central business affairs dish -- Chongqing world trade centre

A city has center of trade of a world only.
Liberate tablet to body crouch Chongqing the center of Chongqing world trade of area of central business affairs, it connects value of the tall commerce value that body is permeated with, tall landscape value, tall figure, it is emancipatory tablet undoubtedly the construction of hard nucleus of CBD of this one Chongqing accentuated deal.
In the meantime, also in a steady stream was obtained ceaselessly come from at the government sector energetically support and eager attention. If want investigate its reason, press the view of concerned personage: This already was a development behavior that develops business not just, it is new window of a new Chongqing make a process, modelling a delegate a city is brand-new the mark content of appearance, more important is, it already came in the unified foot that draw together of contain of ground of follow a rational line to do some work well develops to region economy.
CBD of Chongqing emancipatory tablet had moving double eye
"This will be the region of commercial business affairs with the most flourishing Chongqing one of buildings of the most influential force. "This will be the region of commercial business affairs with the most flourishing Chongqing one of buildings of the most influential force..
In the eye of concerned personage, this is the high abstraction of potential to center of Chongqing world trade value.
Can make such judgement, do not do not have reason. As 262 meters tall, in all the internationalization that 62 market trade, meal, recreation, office manages for the hotel type of an organic whole is advanced business affairs edifice, center of Chongqing world trade is early when project approving the lead sex of clear already make public, reflecting the market eye of developer from many angle.
Be located in in the center of this port the world trade center of a sector of an area of gold of business affairs area, grabbing those who get countless eyeball above all is the view scene stage of layer of top of its locate tower. Development business calls view scene stage " the eye of center of Chongqing world trade " , pass through " eye " , the clearly beautiful scenery of the peninsula in two Jiang Sanan, whole change all is able to see without involuntary discharge of urine.
World trade center watchs the potential value of scene stage to be approbated. Occupy the area in the change of advantage of business chance of stream of people, what be short of at present is one can let a person look get the far, city that looks in the round to watch scene stage. As capital attraction activity layer upon layer advance, and the arisen development of city tourism, attracting more and more domestic and international guests to the dug of Chongqing and curiosity. World trade center had the function of business affairs office of internationalization not only, the pen that view scene stage regards the dot of building of this one high-grade business affairs as eyeball, make the delectable appearance that domestic and international personage can see new Chongqing through it, then is confident to the urban vigor of Chongqing.
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