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Business affairs of north of the low in March river that hand in a room provides

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Those who be located in bridge of river north avalokitesvara is medium letter edifice, in March 31 hand in a room to use, add office building of 30 thousand 10 thousand first class for Jiang Beizeng. Conduce to the situation with in short supply office building of Jiang Beigao archives. At present of the building outside the wall decorates primary already end, decorating perfect job in what do interior.

Edifice of the letter in Chongqing is made by force of collapse of estate of buy of the letter in expert of Chinese top class office building, project total investment is amounted to 230 million, safeguard of office building character is beyond question, intelligence of comprehensive equipment office building changes a system inside the edifice, with the intelligence of science and technology of synchronous world, match the business affairs wisdom of your plan whole world. The edifice is located at obtaining praise " Chinese famous business street " avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall market opening, park of Jia Ling of boreal look into the distance from a high place, change bay big bridge is received south. Letter edifice total floor area is 55165m2 building in 99 meters tall in all 26, underground 4, among them 1~4 layer is layer of business affairs form a complete set, 7~26 to be international for layer of commercial form a complete set, 5~6 (5A) first class office building. The edifice hands in a scriptorium that the 79m2, 120m2, 190m2, 300m2, half different specifications such as layer, whole layer can offer after using to rent.

Letter edifice scriptorium lets in phone: 67850310

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