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Chongqing happy event will ascend international center to will push room of Jia

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Chongqing happy event will ascend international center to will roll out room of scene of special offer river external at the near future, predict to make an appointment with more than 20, price of every smooth Mi Jun is in 7, 8000 yuan or so. This project reposes in have " the beach outside Chongqing " a sector of an area of core of Na Bin road that say, its back is having Chongqing " the city is corollaceous " the United States praise south mountain mountain range, with center of business affairs of the peninsula in change only one Jiang Zhi is lain between.

Chongqing happy event will ascend international center to cover an area of 35 mus, total floor area makes an appointment with 230 thousand square metre. By happy event will ascend international big public house, first class office building, the hotel serves type apartment and composition of international brand business street. The hotel deserves to have inferior old hall of business affairs of the public house with the biggest city international, decorate extensive of dining-room of luxurious Chinese and Western, imposing manner grand size banqueting hall, auditoria, etc of center of the barroom that close, natatorium, business affairs each communal reach healthy recreation establishment to wait; Office building is one handles official bussiness with realizing 5A modernization (fire control, management, security personnel, communication, OA) and the can combine freely landscape of the design clever business affairs space, its interior space can undertake be assorteded at will folding cent; The management industry condition of commercial shopping mall, basically be the advanced dress, of all kinds high-quality goods, retail meal that reachs part and hotel of 5 stars class to be covered suitably, recreational recreation wait.

Chongqing happy event will ascend define in international

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