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Assist center of sale of Xin Danfeng White Dew holds business of " avalokitesvar

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As a city that differentiates with forming a delegation, chongqing the development state of affairs of the prosperity of each big trade group is undoubted and indicative area, and river north area is one of area with Chongqing growth the rapiddest rate, not only economic base is solid, and situation is advantageous. Group of avalokitesvara bridge trade already became Chongqing parvenus to shop nowadays ground of recreational first selection.
As we have learned total volume of retail sales of consumable of society of group of avalokitesvara bridge trade achieved 7.386 billion yuan 2007, press hard on liberates tablet trade group, rank whole town the 2nd, predict the breakthrough 10 billion yuan closed greatly 2010.

For more thorough mining avalokitesvara bridge business encircles value, perfect business to encircle function, conformity each resource, government of river north district will invite orgnaization of the major inside commercial government expert, course of study and each on March 6 big media is in assist Xin Danfeng White Dew] sale center is held " forum of value of group of avalokitesvara bridge trade " .

Avalokitesvara bridge business encircles urban new calling card

Chongqing, directly under the jurisdiction of 10 years, span development, already became the focus that the world pays close attention to, river north area is one of main economy area of Chongqing, economic base is solid, situation is advantageous. Business of bridge of avalokitesvara of river north • is encircled, epitome Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of develops achievement 10 years, center of center of trade of collect Chongqing north and politics of river north area, economy, culture, stream of people, content shedding, commodity shedding, capital shedding, iformation flow " 5 stream hand in collect " , shop, recreation of meal, culture, recreational fitness, sightseeing travels function of 5 big cities gathers together, with platform of dialog of international of new Chongqing of central attitude example. Avalokitesvara bridge business is encircled -- " Chinese famous business street " , become a piece of Chongqing calling card that is famous in the world.

American intermediate measures couplet to enter avalokitesvara bridge business to encircle all right

The travel of couplet of American intermediate quantity that manages one of travel of 5 big representatives as global real-estate service and investment is final by buy still the sincerity of the company and the development foreground place that avalokitesvara bridge business encircles move, with assist letter group is powerful strong together, make project of mark of avalokitesvara bridge new ground assist Xin Danfeng White Dew. And American intermediate measures what couplet goes to enter promoted not just assist the property level of Xin Danfeng White Dew, more important is to will be the prospective development that avalokitesvara bridge business encircles to bring valuable experience.
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