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In be heated of office building of first class of 5A of the city on new city is

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Last week, be located in Chongqing advocate of city core Yuan Jiagang in project of the city on new city, open carry out the office building of high-end 5A first class that happy event of 5 stars class will come to upstairs ascend a hotel, brief a week already had numerous intent client.
As we have learned, in center of business affairs of the city on new city, happy event of the city on city of 5 stars class comes to collect international ascend apartment of international of shopping centers of office building of first class of hotel, 5A, 210 thousand square metre, clothbound, exalted residence to be an organic whole, become with 220.5 meters height the area indicates the gender is built on the west. Office building deploys elevator of 10 high speed, share be fond of the establishment of form a complete set that will ascend big public house, by the first peace and tranquility Davis offers professional other people to be in charge of a service, because this got,the intense heat of investor is held in both hands.
Market personage is analysed, the our city has to the limit of one's capacity of project of more than 10 office building to appear on the market about this year, but among them project of high-end high-quality goods is relatively rare be short of, a sector of an area of and so on of the city on new city is nice in be like accordingly, character tall, form a complete set the neat, high-quality goods item that has served will be more popular this year.

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