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Beautiful Le Ziguang, business affairs of center of navigate new memorial archwa

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See enthusiasm this, show pleasant smiles and the Xu Feng that does not break sedate and amiable soul already was the 2nd, regard Chongqing of beautiful happy group as course of study of happy buy of hundred years beautiful assistant of limited company general manager, he has too much thing everyday doing, seeing he is interviewed about is a not easy thing really. From inside his busy form, we see not hard: Xu Feng is very honest the professional handler that uses up course of study.

Making peak first time accept this network reporter to interview is happy because of beautiful group the first residence project in Chongqing --Ground rich spring, it is the project of high-grade office building because of them this --Beautiful Le Ziguang. Beautiful Le Ziguang, it is afterwards beautiful after happy group enters Chongqing to make residential project successfully first, the project of high-grade office building that place bend force makes. Beautiful happy group, in Chongqing why is swerve made high-grade write project? Does happy violet light have beautiful after all why market dominant position? Wait a series of problem. This medium figure, of head of 30 annual expenditure, candid appropriate guest person, the Chongqing word that using ten billabong benefit was made one by one to the reporter answer.

Beautiful Le Ziguang, the ground mark structure of area of new memorial archway is classical (graph article)

Show pleasant smiles and do not break sedate the Xu Feng with daring

Change of pattern of northerly times business affairs develops Chongqing train of thought

Chongqing is northerly thorough popular feeling, business of town of area of wealthy person of new memorial archway, north encircles maturity to already was waited for. Via opening plute area, production value the industry of 150 billion is compositive airport of border of northland of area, river, bibcock temple railway station, western the brilliant completion of the traffic network such as light course of the biggest deep-sea haven and subway, declare Chongqing is northerly of the times obtain greatly get the better of completely. Xu Feng expresses, area of business affairs of the concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals in program of area of new memorial archway, consulate garden area, and the Jiang Beicheng that is knocked exclusively to decide one of triangle of Chongqing CBD gold that are business affairs function is rising abruptly quickly, pattern of Chongqing business affairs is producing tremendous change, the force that business affairs north moves is irresistible.

New memorial archway makes the bridgehead that gives priority to a city to enter upper new developed area, strategic position is self-evident. Municipal office is spacious boreal change, numerous industry community door, the Information Industry such as center of shift of Chinese telecommunication, China, wide report is garrisoned in succession. 500 strong fertile Er Ma of world, 100 install triumphant dragon of beauty of house, red star and numerous business tycoon rapid follow-up, new memorial archway already formed living area of center of Chongqing administration center, industry center, information center, mart, concerning foreign affairs or foreign nationals, wealthy person the center of urban new business affairs of many centers assemble, xu Feng thinks, beautiful happy group makes residential project successfully in Chongqing later, changed direction 2007 make high-grade office building -- "
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