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On December 28, 2007, as assist the center of carry out building that Xin Danfeng White Dew is located in avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall to go up opens the door greet a guest, white Dew of Dan Feng of brand of parvenu of declare China hotel is formal settle Chongqing. And group of avalokitesvara bridge trade greets project of synthesis of large public house the first times to garrison. According to opening spot sale controller introduces that day, assist day of White Dew head appears Xin Danfeng to be offended namely come numerous client enters the arena seek advice, more the personage inside many course of study thinks, group of avalokitesvara bridge trade is a sector of an area that Chongqing provides commercial value and latent capacity most, and this one a sector of an area is in in last few years inside have new high grade product impossibly again almost, draw a client to pay close attention to the project so, already was in expected.

Explode with site of carry out building of correspondence of canopy picture photograph is, the statistical data that comes from bureau of Chongqing city tourism shows, chongqing already had the hotel of class of 8 5 stars now, still will have this year explain the hotel of class of 4 5 stars such as Jisuofeite hangs out his shingle, the hotel of 5 stars class that building at the same time still has 10, coastal the most advanced diversity hotel enters Chongqing to grab minute of cake in succession. A fact that does not contend for is, chongqing, depend on China western advantage of unique municipality directly under the Central Government, becoming domestic and international astute hotel business, development business and the attention target that invest a guest, become the fortune grand banquet that hotel real estate cannot reject, chongqing coruscate gives unprecedented investment vigor.

Chongqing will be become western hotel the first city

" Chongqing business signs up for " report, current, chongqing has been become western the area with the rapiddest development of hotel of fast star class, develop speed according to afore-mentioned hotels, predict 2020, chongqing will have hotel of class of 88 5 stars, this number is meant, chongqing will be become western hotel the first city. Chongqing hotel industry is shown at present " dumbbell shape " development posture -- impetus of development of high-grade hotel, economy hotel is very fierce, cheap public house appears in decline evidence. Chongqing the market demand to high-grade hotel, show explosive type growth in recent years. High-grade hotel satisfied the demand such as meeting Wu, business affairs, travel, economy hotel satisfies the demand of average room, mirrorred the demand of the market truly, nonexistent false prosperity. Chongqing hotel industry, especially high-grade hotel, entered the gold period of development. A large number of capital, it is a delegate with land agent among them, enter this investment field in succession, whole industry has entered the high speed passageway of rapid development.
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