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Office optional location should see operation cost

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Zhang Pei says, if say the 10 many enterprise year ago is choosing office spot to see establishment of the position, hardware above all, so operation cost had been put to be in the first by the enterprise now.

10 old before, economy is relatively backward, urban progress level is inferior, situation becomes the crucial factor that decides company success or failure. Mix to a few foreign capital enterprises that just enter China especially burgeoning domestic company, the company is well-known degree not tall, the purpose that the enterprise can achieve image of company of the actual strength that reveals an enterprise, conduct propaganda to choosing office building cares very much. In the meantime, the enterprise still cares the establishment of form a complete set such as the air conditioning of the building, electric power, traffic, to operation cost criterion takes seriously not quite.

"Present situation is opposite, when the enterprise chooses a building, the first consideration is operation cost or office cost, it is good to left cost to have many with respect to the building that does not talk about you, this also is the enterprise is in charge of to partner, responsible to financial forms for reporting statistics, cash shedding. " Zhang Pei says.

Estate of Microsoft China limited company and purchase manager Lu Zhihua to say: "Enterprise policymaker is being done decision-making when should pay attention to crucial factor. Because here produces development business to want to know the enterprise is in,the meeting below what circumstance buys office building, what circumstance won't be bought, the most crucial a bit key that is the attention that should find an enterprise is nodded, mastered this key, promotion and sale just can be compared effective. " the office cost that nods as key of company office optional location, include a lot of respects, hire is a among them only, still include capital of cost of depreciation expenses, operation, manpower to wait. The data shows, to Beijing office building of a few big heat distributings area, country of trade zone enter cost on average highest, zhongGuanCun area compares a country trade is a bit low, financial market, take second place looking at Beijing. With above photograph of a few large area is compared, development of technology of Yi Zhuang economy (BDA) lowest, into be stationed in cost to follow a country trade CBD photograph is compared, make an appointment with low 20 % - 30 % .

Zhang Pei thinks, besides, company office optional location still pays attention to traffic, healthy safety, form a complete set to serve, employee relation also is a referenced element. Accordingly, a kind of new trend is, participate in optional location besides the estate department of the enterprise, business section, law section, manpower resource ministry also is participated in among them, in optional location when the respect such as the traffic that basically considers employee, housing whether your employee is satisfactory, whether be helpful for the problem of the respect such as tarry talent.
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