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Enterprise bear hire office building elaborate optional location 9 strategies

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Strategy one: Make clear first before optional location evaluate index

Will referenced office building is mixed according to scope of traffic situation, project establishment of facilities of function, facilities, planar pattern, form a complete set, property manages and the decathlon index such as the business affairs condition such as service, hire, relevant sundry charges makes an on-the-spot investigation quite.

Strategy 2: Choose Lou Yu according to business characteristic.

The enterprise depends on mature and perfect business affairs atmosphere, and activity of company business affairs is frequent, to the conference service, hotel, meal, meeting exhibits the form a complete set that waits for a respect to serve demand bigger, be based on above element, the company is first be in look lock the large and integrated office building inside area of mature business affairs surely.

Strategy 3: Office building is old figure weighs atmosphere

Of the old hall character to each office building make an on-the-spot investigation to basically center in 4 respects: Is old hall space capacious? Is the program sound? Is come-and-go convenient? Whether does material reflect office building class character. Old hall besides decorate outside wanting to use high-grade stone material or metallic ability to pledge, decorate should simple, the space wants capacious, passageway and passageway beard are apparent. Such ability bring good the first impression to the person.

Strategy 4: Good target evaluates elevator form a complete set

The amount of elevator, space is the main index that reflects office building class. Answer between elevator capacious and bright. Elevator car space wants big, traversal speed do not answer under second of 2.5 meters of / , high level and freeboard layer office building not under 3.5 / second, time waits to all answer in any office building layers little at 30 seconds. Answer not to have noise smoothly in moving process.

Strategy 5: Communal footpath width most appropriate 1.8 meters

The communal footpath width inside floor is 1.8 meters commonly, spread high-grade carpet. Corridor is too narrow can cause narrow and oppressed space; Too wide can bring about again bear the utilization rate that hires area is reduced.

Strategy 6: Unit of office building room wants Founder

Of the room door model should as far as possible upright and foursquare, facilitate namely so layout, can raise the availability of the room again. Post span is controlled 8 meters had better, because column is apart from,with the layer the proportion with tall certain existence concerns, column has been been apart from big, tall meeting reduces the layer, column has been been apart from small the amount that can increase post again, influence layout. Without pillar the design raised the availability of the room greatly among, it is better that daylighting and eye shot effect also are met.
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