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500 strong choices of world of cosmopolitan business mansion

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Cosmopolitan built 1997, it is to mix the Chongqing that writes down Huang Bu to develop project of first high quality large omnibus trade. This square is located at liberating tablet shopping mall, cover an area of 18717 square metre, gross area 230 thousand square metre, attach most importance to one of buildings of sex of the mark that celebrate city, by office building of first class of modern omnibus shopping market, tall intelligence 3 parts of hotel of ease of sea of hotel of 5 stars class comprise cosmopolitan business mansion, international. Come 10 years, the hire price of cosmopolitan business mansion not only did not glide, still promote all the time, at present the hire price of cosmopolitan business mansion is in 120 yuan / ㎡ / lunar left and right sides. Reside the head of a list of names posted up of price of hire of first class office building high. It is the commercial project with the most successful Chongqing.

Cosmopolitan business mansion

Cosmopolitan business mansion is entered be stationed in an enterprise to be given priority to with foreign capital enterprise, 500 strong companies of world choose to be stationed in cosmopolitan business mansion. The form a complete set such as hotel, commerce, recreation is perfect, international standardizes property management to serve is to get the client's favour. Cosmopolitan sea ease hotel is the party circle of business circles distinguished personages more. Of cosmopolitan business mansion enter rate almost 100% , wanting cosmopolitan business mansion must be to pass cosmopolitan strict examine and verify, must be big company of China and foreign countries, brand enterprise, into after be stationed in, must ask to decorate by cosmopolitan unity. Although be entered,still is center of world trade centre, international trade in office building of emancipatory tablet first class rate big spoke rises, but cosmopolitan business mansion is Chongqing 10 years all the time the hottest the office building that hire.

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