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Office building chooses successful to the enterprise influence

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Choose an appropriate office building to undertake handling official bussiness, become the key that increasing enterprise pays close attention to, and become business administration department and company manager more and more headachy thing. The generation of this kind of circumstance, because office building is an office space not just,be, it can get brand of way, company to establish the success that waits for different respect to affect an enterprise from information of staff position, business.
One, the office building promotion to company brand

After be being reformed in estate policy, mostly the office office building that the company already built him without ability, and alone office building also becomes those who exceed large company and international enterprise alone dinner. And the concentration that office building depends on commerce; Establishment of the acceptability of the flexibility of optional area, price, perfect form a complete set become most medium and small businesses, large company and international company agency, business organization the office first selection that wait.

Brand of office building promotion basically reflects the figure that is in office building to swim up and down to industrial catenary brought accredit, and this kind of accredit is built in actual strength reflect the office environment with normalization, whether had accorded with industry characteristic to the choice of office building. Current, as a result of the economic rate of each city characteristic of different, commerce differs, culture connotation is different; And the poor dissimilation that each business encircles in the city, when so the enterprise is choosing office building, the choice such as the poor dissimilation that should encircle according to different, business of the city can promote the office building of the brand.

Chinese index academy business is investigated with property research center, according to the effect that the brand promotes, the main characteristic of market of Chinese office building is: Attach most importance to a dot with provincial capital city, it is a center with the one class city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, with key business area of circle, garden is core. When accordingly the enterprise is choosing office office building, should spend to the demand of the brand according to the enterprise, will choose appropriate office building according to the actual strength of oneself.

2, the value that office building collects an enterprise to bring with the industry

While the enterprise chooses office building, the employee that also gives oneself chose circle, chose news channel. And these recessive knowledge bring enormous value probably. And the industry collects a circumstance will be the main factor with these whether valuable to the enterprise information.

Put forward according to baud of Michael Er • " 5 force analyse baud model " , when the enterprise chooses office building, the industry collects a circumstance to basically reach the final client, competitor, new person that replace to wait from the supplier that supplies catenary, channel collect a circumstance to judge and choose. And these a few respects can bring different message to the enterprise again, it is better that the supplier collects an area to be able to help an enterprise hold new technology trend and price of control raw material; Channel and final client collect an area to be able to help an enterprise understand relation of client demand, promotional client; The competitor collects an area to be able to help the strategic direction of the monitoring match with better business and market condition, also be opportunity of very good surveyor's pole study at the same time, but cause what personnel flows possibly also to increase meanwhile, bring pressure to manpower resource.
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