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International of future of office building of river north first class is fervent

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After avalokitesvara bridge afterwards liberates tablet center of another business affairs, avalokitesvara bridge is located in river north center, it is center of business of river north division, business affairs, politics, avalokitesvara bridge relief is even, communication is easy, expedite join liberates tablet, dam of level ground of stone bridge shop, Home Yang, sanded level ground, upper new developed area, classics opens the Chongqing such as the area important business affairs center, avalokitesvara bridge has the shopping mall with the largest Chongqing, because of traffic advantage, business affairs form a complete set is complete, business affairs position liberates tablet to be about the same, chongqing city is northern, avalokitesvara bridge radiation is whole the north of Chongqing.

Prospective international is located in avalokitesvara bridge shopping mall, it is building of sex of sign of river north division, it is the office building of 5A first class that exclusive investment uses river north area, prospective international 3 large dominant positions are getting the favour of the enterprise.
One, central core area
Business of town of north of prospective international assume personal command encircles fastness of core of gold of Chongqing avalokitesvara bridge, the business street is received to face a street to build new north road east, na Lin weighs bazaar of 100 rivers north, fine hill park is faced on the west, the program is the urban afforest between shopping mall and fine hill park in recreational square.

2, character of international business affairs;
Prospective international building accumulates ten thousand eight hundred square metre with the ground, total floor area 120 thousand smooth rice, overall height spends 220 meters. Tower of part of building principal part is on the ground 44, annex 6. Tower is office building of 5A first class, this case passes the skirt building that is as long as 150 meters and the tower that are as high as 220 meters organic ground is combined together.
Brilliant and vestibular: Business of entrance hall is old immediate decision is in the first good impression in client eye. Prospective international is made carry 10.5 meters tall imposing manner is grandiose old hall, foil the distinguished figure of enterprise of platform of international business affairs, the everybody that reveals world grade enterprise wind model.
Baronial space: Even more floor area of 120 thousand square metre, 38 office space. Interior space 3.7 meters, the part exceeds tall setting for 4.2 meters, use central core simplified design, utmost land increased valid area, offerred a high level for the client, agile and efficient, the business affairs space with equitable distribution.
Fast elevator: Time is not equal to fortune, it is the element with creation the mainest fortune however. Exiguous, slow elevator makes you angry mix but, we cherish each seconds your however, 8 import high-grade elevator, speed per hour 3.5 meters / second, win easily take fortune opportunity.
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