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Geomantic common sense is good office carefully geomantic 20 attentions

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Geomantic, not be the need in the home only, to office worker, in the office geomantic more important, the amount of the money in your pocket matters to your living standard directly, geomantic common sense must take care under had better.

(1) office is geomantic need to be given priority to with chief or top officer, will search auspicious azimuth.

(The gate beard of 2) office is bigger than the door on, because go up to win in imposing manner greatly, small are defeated.

(3) office ceiling or wall ooze water, slack or chap, be leakage money is indicative, appropriate fast remedy.

(4) office ceiling wants Gao Weiji, too low have oppressive feeling ominous, and affect business push exhibit, at the same time ventilated more undesirable.

(5) office entrance door most avoid rushs to telegraph pole, large tree, chimney, road.

(The director of 6) office, controller, there is faucet on the side advocate leakage money, just must have firm backer ever since.

(The stair of 7) office cannot to the gate, otherwise pay morale and exhaust photograph are strong, angry to money, health is adverse. (The money of 8) office, in enter an inclined diagonal, this position wants bright, clean, avoid Buddhism, put artificial flower.

(9) enters office entrance door, it is big that the toilet is on the side fierce. Because toilet block breaks life to come in, reason carries to money, business is quite adverse.

(It is big that 10) office does not have a window fierce. Because air cannot communicate, inanimate.

(11) desk to bathroom door, can suffer a toilet corrupt gas is fumed, with the passing of time is defeated surely.

(12) desk cannot shabby or attaint, be opposite otherwise movement way somewhat caustic (13) desk had better be to use woodiness material, use iron sheet, steeliness to be able to affect magnetic field relatively, a little not beautiful.

(14) desk upper part cannot have crossbeam or droplight, carry to preferment, money otherwise adverse.

(15) desk is rear most avoid Buddhism. Alleged Buddhism is rear it is the door or window. Easy lack safety feels, center spirit easily least of all to handle official bussiness.

(The desk of 16) controller or director to the toilet, exhibit to affect battalion carry of whole and business to push, the power pretty that carries to money at the same time is big.

(17) desk one aspect of the matter had better rely on a wall, firmer, most avoid general desk is inclined put.

(Of 18) desk rear must be to be not moved square, most avoid is rear it is footpath or somebody ambulate. Because lack safe feeling, mind inquietude.

(19) desk is rear must have backer. Alleged backer is one side wall, backer is done start armed struggle come more reliable, push to business exhibit helpful. The desk of chief or accountant, want to concealed close sex is beautiful.
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